1. Despite resident and Planning Commission feedback, the DCP has increased its emphasis on maximizing growth in downtown with:

  • 130 foot opportunity/large sites
  • an additional opportunity site at Lincoln and Broadway (Vons)
  • 100,000 sq. ft. buildings approved only by a Development Review Process (DRP) which is heard in front of the Planning Commission only and is a check-list type approach; possibility of having a referendum to overturn decision e.g., Hines Project would not be possible because a DRP is appealable to City Council but can't be put to a referendum as can a Development Agreement (DA)
  • Focus on big projects through lot consolidation
  • Gateway Access Master Plan (GAMP) has been carved off from DCP into a separate process and hides the existence of the other opportunity sites as well as a desire to make height and density even greater in this part of Downtown
  • Landmark parcels/Structures of Merit and their adjacent parcels have been given Tier 3 height incentives

2.  Community benefits, outlines to off-set these large projects of additional height and density, continue to be project mitigations, project amenities and elements required by City/State/Federal law

3.  Open space this is public OR private can be counted as open space in the plan; few differences made between plaza open space at grade level vs. private balconies as "open space" as a community benefit

4.  Text amendments appear to be able to easily change anything in the DCP, especially with respect to a specific property/parcel

5.  Traffic and parking continues to focus on goals and aspirations not definition and design


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