4th and Arizona

On Wednesday, June 3, 2015 at 7:00 pm in City Council chambers, a ‘float-up’ will be held for the proposed project at 4th & Arizona in downtown Santa Monica on city-owned land. The plan envisions a 12-story (148 feet) 420,000 sq. ft. mixed-use development including hotel, restaurant, and housing. 

The Wilmont Board categorically opposes the project as proposed. 

While the developer provides some ‘community benefits’ - a children’s museum, a bike center - we believe that obliterating the 84’ height zoning limit established for decades is uncalled for, and the city land - that is, our land - would serve Santa Monica residents far better in other ways, for example, as a park.

A ‘float-up’ is the first opportunity for the public and Planning Commissioners to opine on the proposal. We urge you to attend.

Further, the Wilmont Board intends to introduce for debate a member resolution regarding the 4th and Arizona site at our annual meeting, June 20th, noon - 3 pm at the Reed Park Community Center, California Ave. and 7th St.

In lieu of its regular monthly meeting, Wilmont will be participating in NATIONAL NIGHT OUT
(see below)

Tues, July 28, 6:30pm, City Hall
Tues, Aug 25, 6:30pm, City Hall
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Wed, Aug 5, 7:00pm, City Hall
Wed, Aug 19, 7:00pm, City Hall
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National Night Out

Tuesday, Aug 4, 6-8 pm

SM Civic Parking Lot

Wilmont will have a booth at National Night Out.  This event is sponsored by the SM Police Dept This is a great community event you don't want to miss! There will be free food, games, raffles and prizes. Bring your families, friends, neighbors, and business associates!

Sustainable transportations options are encouraged.  Walk, ride your bike, or get a free round trip ride on the Big Blue Bus to the event. (See BigBlueBus.com for a free ride coupon)

Bike Valet: Free bike valet at the event

Parking: Civic Center Parking Structure - enter off 4th Street at Civic Center Drive

Parking Rate: $1.00 hourly rate after first free 39 minutes $5.00 daily maximum (no cash accepted at exit)


I. WILMONT Members support the City grant of 190K to PYFC for the purpose of continuing their Mission and Vision for youth in Santa Monica, contingent upon the organizations adoption of GAAP (generally accepted accounting practices) sufficiently transparent to the Santa Monica City Council.

II. We, the residents of the WILMONT Neighborhood, want safer streets. We want the to adopt and implement a Vision Zero plan to bring the number of injury collisions to zero by 2020.

III. WILMONT does not agree with the recent 4-1 Planning Commission vote to approve the 4th and Arizona Project. We believe the project to be too high and too dense; Santa Monica citizens would be better served by a smaller project – such as a park. 

IV. WILMONT requests protected pedestrian crosswalks with flashing warning lights at the intersections of 9th & Wilshire Boulevard, and about every five city-blocks extending East. The flashing lights should be pedestrian activated and similar in design to those installed at the intersection of 10th and Santa Monica Boulevard. 

V. We believe SMPD is not devoting enough resources to the WILMONT neighborhood. Therefore, we request:

  • (a) Regular patrol car drives through our alleys;
  • (b) Regular, frequent foot patrols through and adjacent to Lincoln/Reed Park, the business areas around 14th & Wilshire Blvd, near the businesses at the corner of 7th & Wilshire Blvd., in and adjacent to Douglas Park, in and adjacent to Palisades Park.
  • c) More traffic enforcement around our schools;
  • (d) A program to find and monitor vans and vehicles used for sleeping in our neighborhood;
  • (e) The creation of a multi-departmental special task force to deal with the homeless presence that often overwhelms Lincoln/Reed Park;
  • (f) More resources devoted to fighting vehicle theft and residential burglaries in our district.

VI. Civic Center:  In order to ensure that future development at the Civic Center Auditorium and its surrounding publicly-owned site will be broadly available to Santa Monica Monica residents and will fulfill the goals for land use expressed by many residents at public meetings held this year,  Wilmont  residents support the following resolutions:  

  • 1. We support  the following uses of this land:
  • (a) A state-of-the art indoor performing arts center
  • (b) A multi-purpose area suitable for athletic events, outdoor performances, exhibitions, public 
  • (c) Green park areas with walking paths and seating spaces
  • (d) Linkages to resources at Santa Monica High School, including Barnum Hall
  • 2. Private development on this site shall be limited to:  
  • Cafes and restaurants;  
  • Shops offering merchandise related to the main land uses described above,  including  the 
  • performing arts and other cultural  purposes; 
  •  Education or training programs in areas congruent with the above-listed land uses.
  • 3. In order to assure that this strategically-located site is developed as an inviting and vibrant 
  • public space and destination, we do not support use of this public land for the private 
  • development of office space,  hotels or other commercial enterprises.
  • 4. While we support the further public consideration of the need for an Early Childhood Education Center for use by residents of Santa Monica, we find do not support the development of this kind of land use on this unique site.   We find this proposed use to be incongruent with the broader public goals stated above and support reserving use of this site for the uses listed above. 


Wilshire  Montana
Neighborhood  Coalition

Attention Wilmont Members

Wilmont is working to promote the interests of our residents, such as speaking on behalf of our neighborhood at City Council and Planning Commission meetings and creating new committees to keep you updated on the big issues facing our city. Please take a look at the committees list below and consider spending a few hours a month and taking a more active role in our city’s future.

-DEVELOPMENT-Big Projects like the Miramar, etc.

-TRANSPORTATION-Traffic, Parking, Big Blue Bus, etc.

-OUTREACH-Website, Events, Flyers, Membership, etc

-ELECTIONS-City Council, etc.

-ZONING-Downtown Plan, Zoning Ordinance Update, etc.

Ed Hunsaker,  Alin Wall

-WILSHIRE BLVD PLANNING-“Activity Center”, Developments, etc.

-HOUSING-Renters Rights, Taxes, etc.

If you would like to sign up, contact us at:

Email: wilmontinfo@gmail.com
Phone:       310-359-8238

or come to our next meeting on November 18.

  Wilmont... neighbors working together for a better community.
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