At the last Board Meeting on October 3, the following Board Members were elected to the new Executive Board:

Reinhard Kargl, Chair
Manju Raman, Vice Chair
Rosemary Sostarich, Secretary
Elizabeth Van Denburgh, Board Member At Large

We express our sincere thanks and appreciation to outgoing Chair, Laurence Eubank and Treasurer, Elizabeth Van Denburgh for their dedication and years of faithful service.

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Meet YIMBY: Pro-development groups join the battle in California housing wars

YIMBY (Yes in My Backyard) 

Section from the article:  YIMBYs “have an unsophisticated and unnuanced philosophy that we should build the maximum amount of housing regardless of displacement or price point,” said Santa Monica Councilwoman Sue Himmelrich, who along with her husband spent $125,000 of their own money supporting affordable housing and homeless services initiatives.

Himmelrich said YIMBYs’ “faux affordable housing policies” are designed to hyper-gentrify high-cost Santa Monica. YIMBYs aligned themselves with developer-backed political action committees that helped defeat Santa Monica’s anti-development Measure LV last November, she added.

They’re not independent thinkers at all. … They show up at so many meetings, clapping for developers,” said Jill Stewart, executive director of Coalition to Preserve LA, which backed Los Angeles’ Measure S, which would have imposed a two-year moratorium on mega-projects.

They’re against single-family homes, and they’re very much in favor of higher density, and they’re acting as a front for developers,” Stewart added. “ … They’re from the supply-and-demand side. The say, if you build as much luxury housing (as you can), it will trickle down. That’s never worked.”



Council Rejects Appeal of $75 Million Santa Monica City Hall Annex



Stop the proposed 12-story (148-foot tall) "Plaza at Santa Monica" development project at 4th/5th and Arizona Ave. 

The proposed project at a glance:

Located between 4th and 5th Streets south of Arizona Avenue in the downtown area of the City of Santa Monica, the property consists of a little over 2.5 acres and is a "Resident-owned" property.

The City of Santa Monica is currently proposing to build a massive mixed-use commercial development project on this "Resident-owned" property.

The proposed project consists of the following:

  • 12-story (148-ft tall) high-rise
  • 420,000 sq. ft. of total building (nearly the same size as the Santa Monica Place Mall)
  • 225 room hotel
  • 200,000 sq. ft. of commercial work-space
  • 40,000 square feet of retail
  • 48 affordable housing residential apartment units

Impacts to Residents:

  • A commercial development located on this "Resident-owned" property would eliminate the potential for a grand 2.5-acre downtown green-space park for generations to come.
  • Severely alter the Santa Monica skyline.
  • Creating shadows from the 12 story (148-foot) tall structure.
  • Blocking the sun and ocean breezes.
  • Severely impact traffic and congestion.
4th/AZ is an E-Petition on the Residocracy site.

Last Tuesday developer NMS Properties and Neil Shekhter, its founder and CEO, were found by the Los Angeles Superior Court to have committed “massive, intentional, coordinated efforts to destroy evidence,” “fraud,” and “perjury.

Santa Monica tops statewide list for a variety of jobs:

  • Police Chief: $478,000, highest statewide.
  • Police Sergeant: $475,546 highest statewide.
    At $393,603, $385,000 and $380,000, Santa Monica police sergeants also occupied the 4th, 6th and 7th highest spots on the statewide list.
  • Deputy Police Chief: $455,914, highest statewide.
  • Assistant City Attorney: $442,414, highest statewide.
  • Assistant City Manager: $440,661, highest statewide.
  • City Attorney: $439,969, 2nd highest statewide.
  • Farmers’ Market Supervisor: $142,903.
  • Assistant City Librarian:$220,558.

This excess is pervasive throughout the City, with Santa Monica outspending its peers in total department wide spending as well:  (more)

SM Lookout News

Santa Monica traffic 'has finally hit the tipping point' 

LA Curbed article

"Sustainability on the backs of Santa Monica Residents"

SM Dispatch Article

By  on  in SMa.r.t. Thinking

Tue Nov 7, 7pm
Meet & Greet at 6:45
Montana Branch SM Library
1704 Montana Ave 90403

Astonishing Figure: City will spend $141,000,000 to build a 50,000 sft building

Council approves
$1M for Pier Concert
$300K for COAST

It’s called “the list,” a compilation of proposed building projects being tracked by City planners, or all plans in Santa Monica's development pipeline.  (more)

The Downtown Community Plan will open the floodgates to massive development

Santa Monica Lookout Article

 Santa Monica  Taps Police  Department  Veteran To  Serve As  Interim Chief

 SM Lookout article

Santa Monica Slow- Growth Leader Leader Vows Referendums on Major Downtown Projects

September 26, 2017 -- Two of the largest projects in Santa Monica’s development pipeline will face referendums to stop them if the City Council ultimately approves versions approximating the nearly 1 million total square feet being proposed, a leader from the slow-growth movement said Monday.  (more)

By Niki Cervantes
Staff Writer                                           Santa Monica Lookout

Council approves Park list for county research study

Santa Monica Daily Press

Attention Wilmont Members

Wilmont is working to promote the interests of our residents, such as speaking on behalf of our neighborhood at City Council and Planning Commission meetings and creating new committees to keep you updated on the big issues facing our city. Please take a look at the committees list below and consider spending a few hours a month and taking a more active role in our city’s future.

-DEVELOPMENT-Big Projects like the Miramar, etc.

-TRANSPORTATION-Traffic, Parking, Big Blue Bus, etc.

-OUTREACH-Website, Events, Flyers, Membership, etc

-ELECTIONS-City Council, etc.

-ZONING-Downtown Plan, Zoning Ordinance Update, etc.

Ed Hunsaker,  Alin Wall

-WILSHIRE BLVD PLANNING-“Activity Center”, Developments, etc.

-HOUSING-Renters Rights, Taxes, etc.

If you would like to sign up, contact us at:

Phone:       310-359-8238

or come to our next meeting.

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