You might want a park that covers the entire property. You might prefer a large park, plus a low-rise boutique hotel and a few shops that would subsidize the multi-layer parking garage below. Or maybe a combo of park, Affordable Housing and low-rise hotel. But whatever your preference, that property needs a vast underground parking garage that realistically holds enough spaces for: 

  • Theater goers from across the street  - ArcLight will hold more  ~2500 seats
  • Visitors and residents who do not arrive via Expo 
  • People who work and/or live on that site

The DA below offers 1,100 parking spaces. Let's see how this might work. Look below at the number of people who will "share" those 1,100 spaces: hotel, retail, residents, cultural & open space visitors. Now deduct 350 spaces because the ArcLight will replace a public parking garage. Now add 2,500 theater seats. 

Let's do the math: 420,000 SF of mixed use, plus 2,500 theater seats would share 750 parking spaces.  Everyone else who visits and works there would take Expo or the bus.  

  • Is this parking plan realistic, even if parking is shared? 
  • And how would a development this size impact our limited water supply?
  • Why is no open green space in the Development Agreement
4th/AZ is a potential initiative on the Residocracy site.

"Sustainability on the backs of Santa Monica Residents"

SM Dispatch Article

By  on  in SMa.r.t. Thinking

Three residents have filed a law suit against the Ron Gould, the former city manager for violating the Oaks Initiative, an anti-corruption law designed to prevent public officials from personal gains based on their time in office.

Tue, Feb 2, 7pm/Meet & Greet 6:45
 Montana Branch/SM Public Library
1704 Montana Ave. 90403
Tues, Feb 9, 6:30pm, City Hall
Check City Website for Agenda & Updates
Wed, Feb 3, 7:00pm, City Hall
Check City Website for  Agenda/Updates
Should voter approval be required
for all large development?

Those who support requiring voter approval of large development projects in Santa Monica are signing the e-Petition that was just launched by Residocracy, the all-volunteer, grassroots group that in 2014 mobilized residents and stopped the Hines development project at the Papermate pen plant site.  more

According to the Santa Monica Outlook:  "Residocracy.org, an organization with about 2,000 members, will begin circulating petitions late this month or in early February for its Land Use Voter Empowerment, or LUVE, Initiative, said Armen Melkonians, the organization’s founder." 

Full Santa Monica Outlook article

A dangerous rise in development agreements

Curb your DA’s. No, we’re not talking about District Attorneys, but rather the propensity of our planning staff to negotiate Development Agreements (DAs) with the owners of substantial chunks of our fair city.  (continue)

Urban Trees

Guidelines For Tree Watering During Drought

"Santa Monica Named Drunkest City in CA 
...by a landslide"

A website called Roadsnacks makes this claim based on the number of bars, liquor stores, wineries, and related tweets such as
#Drunk, #Party, #Beer, #Wine and #Cocktails. Divorce rate was also factored in.

This is leading some residents to ask if there are limitations to the number of liquor licenses that allowed to be issued.

Wilshire  Montana
Neighborhood  Coalition

Jan 21, 6 - 8:30 pm
Civic Center Parking Structure,
2nd Floor Terrace Meeting Room

Santa Monica, We need parks... and parks need you. This is your opportunity to participate in an unprecedented study of park needs in every community in Los Angeles County. Please attend this special meeting hosted by the Santa Monica Recreation & Parks Commission on behalf of LA County where we will work together to identify our shared park priorities.

more info/RSVP


Tiny Santa Monica Ranks #2 Most Moved To City!

An article in the SM Patch revealed that SM is the 2nd most moved to city in LA county.  North Star Moving studied the 2015 moving season. They compiled the top 5 cities moved to in LA and Orange Counties. Tiny Santa Monica outpaced every surrounding city except LA - cities much larger than we are.

  1. Los Angeles (503 sq. miles)

  2. Santa Monica ( only 8 sq. miles)

  3. Pasadena (23 sq. miles)

  4. Irvine (66.45 sq. miles)

  5. Northridge (9.47 sq. miles)

But despite resident protest,  our elected officials continue to insist on maximum height and density. Instead of open green space, realistic parking and reasonable height, Council moved forward on the 2.5 acre 148ft tower at 4th/AZ and they continue to approve 5-7 stories with minimal parking all along Lincoln and Broadway. Wilshire will be next.

 I hope no one still believes we have a "slow growth" City Council.


Shore Hotel operating without required permits

SM Daily Press article

Shore Hotel is currently operating without a valid permit from the Coastal Commission and owners are relying on a pair of court cases to determine the hotel’s future.   (continue)

 Over 70 residents turned out for Oct 6 Wilmont meeting

Speakers included:

  • SM City Manager Rick Cole
  • Armen Melkonians on Residocracy
  • Board member, Elizabeth Van Denburgh on 4th and Arizona
  • Board Member, John Smith on SMRR elections

 District Attorney to Review Accusations against Santa Monica Councilmember, Coalition Officials Say

September 10, 2015 -- County prosecutors will review allegations that Councilmember Pam O’Connor waged a secret battle to fire a newly hired communications director who had opposed her candidacy nearly a decade earlier, a Santa Monica activist group said.

SM Lookout Article continued


On Aug 24, 2015, SMCLC (Santa Monica Coalition for a Livable City) released the following:

SMCLC recently obtained private emails, sworn testimony and other documents in Elizabeth Riel’s lawsuit against the City.

These documents show City Council member and then Mayor Pam O’Connor relentlessly pressured then City Manager Rod Gould to fire Elizabeth for having made a donation to an SMCLC political mailer in 2006.

The mailer disclosed campaign contributions to O’Connor from a major developer with business before the City. See http://www.smclc.net/OConnor-Riel.htm

continue reading

Attention Wilmont Members

Wilmont is working to promote the interests of our residents, such as speaking on behalf of our neighborhood at City Council and Planning Commission meetings and creating new committees to keep you updated on the big issues facing our city. Please take a look at the committees list below and consider spending a few hours a month and taking a more active role in our city’s future.

-DEVELOPMENT-Big Projects like the Miramar, etc.

-TRANSPORTATION-Traffic, Parking, Big Blue Bus, etc.

-OUTREACH-Website, Events, Flyers, Membership, etc

-ELECTIONS-City Council, etc.

-ZONING-Downtown Plan, Zoning Ordinance Update, etc.

Ed Hunsaker,  Alin Wall

-WILSHIRE BLVD PLANNING-“Activity Center”, Developments, etc.

-HOUSING-Renters Rights, Taxes, etc.

If you would like to sign up, contact us at:

Email: wilmontinfo@gmail.com
Phone:       310-359-8238

or come to our next meeting.

  Wilmont... neighbors working together for a better community.
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